Birthday: To Cake or Not To Cake

My birthday is coming up, and it’s kind of tricky. The month of June is Challenge month at the CrossFit box I belong to, and I decided to push myself to cut out even the occasional alcoholic beverage, completely cut out fruit for the month, and try to cut back on a lot of unnecessary snacking (like eating when I’m bored). I’m not going to lie – it’s been harder than I anticipated. A nice juicy apple sliced up with some salted almond butter for dipping soundsĀ so good right now.

I feel like a conflicted cartoon character. The little devil on my shoulder is saying “c’mon, it’s your birthday, eat a whole tray of fudgy brownies and wash em’ down with a couple glasses of pink champagne” or “wouldn’t a fresh hot Krispy Kreme donut be good right now?”. The glowy angel on my other shoulder is telling me what I already know – sticking to my challenge goal for theĀ entire month will be worth it when I get to the end of the month. When I complete the benchmark WOD at the end of the challenge, and get into that dunk tank, I want to know that I put 100% into reaching the goals I’ve set for myself, birthday or not.

And you know what? When I get to the end of June, I might just have to treat myself to a batch of these totally sinful looking Paleo chocolate cupcakes. I’ve talked about my general kibosh on paleo-fied desserts before, but a girl can’t be good all the time you know…



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